In short, Kim was superb - her strengths are many. She was incredibly professional in her approach, knowledgeable about the performance drivers and how they relate to me personally, experienced (and wise!) in both business and people matters, patient when things went awry, and fair/ measured with her perspective.  Most of all, she demonstrated a genuine concern for my professional AND personal development. This last quality is perhaps also the one that ultimately makes Kim most effective as a coach.  A sense of caring and concern is hard to teach – it's either in you or it isn't – and Kim clearly carries both with great integrity and passion. It's so incredibly motivating as a student to be in the presence of a teacher who truly cares and wants to see me succeed.

Vice President of Marketing, Digital Consulting • CA

At work and in our home lives our thought patterns and how we process situations can often get in the way of reaching our goals and aspirations.  Kim, with her years of coaching experience and through Performance TQ program gave me a systematic tool that has helped me become more effective at problem solving, has improved my interactions with others at both work and home and helped me to avoid those downward spirals of cascading negative thoughts that lead to nowhere.

– President/COO, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing • CO

Kim’s coaching and insights have been invaluable as I seek to improve myself, my company and my overall quality of life.  Thanks to Kim, I have come to view my strengths and weaknesses through a straightforward, but unique, perspective which I believe will help me to learn and grow into the person I am capable of being.

 – CEO, Commercial Real Estate • CA

I highly respect Kim Levings. I have seen her navigate difficult situations with honesty, respect, strength, and wisdom to build better work environments and processes. She creates success. 

- Self Employed, Editor/Instructional Designer • FL

I have had the privilege of working with Kim for several years.  She became an invaluable leader and coach in our ministry in Oceanside.  She helped our congregation work through an envisioning process that truly helped to laser focus our ministry as a church.  Kim is insightful, creative, and works well with all types of personalities.  I'm grateful to have worked with Kim and wish she were a part of my congregation today.  If you're looking for a coach who can help you cut through all of the muck and mire of life I highly recommend Kim Levings.

- Senior Pastor • OR

I first engaged Kim as a training consultant, but she became so valuable that we hired her full time to oversee internal and external training, and internal HR at Outreach. Kim knows how to increase your bottom line, by training the managers and employees for maximum productivity. Kim's investment in your organization will produce a return many times over. 

- CEO, Christian Marketing • CO

Working with Kim in many arenas over several years, the things I've appreciated most about her is her passion, integrity and commitment to success!  She's a hard-worker and diligent in finding opportunities, as well as positive solutions to challenges.  She is the quintessential professional with a warmth and humor that makes projects productive and fun.  You can easily place your confidence in her, and your team with her, for a successful result every time. 

- Self Employed Marketing Professional/Broadcaster • CA

Kim is a wonderful resource whom I highly recommend. She has consulted with me with great insight. 

- President, International Church Planting • CA

Kim is particularly skilled at connecting with her audiences through humor, well-prepared talks and a natural presence on stage. She reads an audience well and knows how to pace her talk based on the needs of the group. I highly recommend Kim to fulfill your speaking and training needs.

- President, Christian University • TX

More about me and why I do what I do...

I am a performance coach. I am passionate about equipping those who truly desire success in life, with the tools and principles that drive results.

(I am also a South African ex-pat, now living in the beautiful paradise of Colorado Springs)

In the past 30 years, I learned (the hard way), that there is a better way to live. My 30+ years of experience in corporate training, executive leadership and the field of personal development, included an equal amount of success and frustration in roller-coaster like momentum. Add in several seasons of depression, lack of self belief, and settling for 2nd best, and you get a snippet of who I really am.

Sound familiar?

For you, it may be the "golden handcuff" issue, or perhaps a "hamster wheel" life. Or maybe you feel that you're adrift, having had your safety harness lines removed unexpectedly. I've camped in many of those places!

I know, now, that with the right mixture of skills and beliefs, anyone can set themselves free to live the life they were created to live. I did it for myself and love to show others how to replicate my process. In pursuit of my own purpose and with a desire to live a life of significance, I coach, train and communicate on multiple platforms to reach those wanting a better life - a life that matters. A life of purpose and most of all results. 

Failure is an event, as Zig Ziglar points out. From my experience, success is also an event. It's not who you are. Success is a mindset. Who you are becoming in pursuit of your dreams is what really matters. Let me help you - email me and connect!

For more credentials, my professional history and all that info - head on over to my professional page on LinkedIn.

For speaker information and more detail on my talking points, view my speaker profile here.