Why more people fail than succeed

How do you react when you hear of someone’s great success? Jealousy? Frustration? Happy for them? Ready to quit on yourself?

I’ve been guilty of all those reactions at various points of my life. Until I learned that:

Comparison is a self-destructive behavior. Like worry, it's pretty useless. Click To Tweet

I’ve also recently heard a great reminder that when we see others’ success, it’s the highlight “reel” of their lives, while we are caught in the endless hours of hard work, multiple “takes” and re-edits. People don’t normally share what it took to achieve their success. In the May 7th Podcast, Johannah uses the term “comparisonitis” – what a great word! Make sure you listen to what she says about it.

When we were young adults, just starting out married lives,  I can remember my father saying, “You kids expect to start at the same point that we are in terms of our home, our careers, our possessions. You forget that it’s taken me a lot of years to get here. Be happy to start where you are and build your own future.”

What is it that you really want to achieve in your life? Have you given any thought to your long terms goals? (If not, consider joining the webinar and Boot Camp training – I’ll show you how to do that!)

Once you know where you’re headed, the hard work and commitment has to start.

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It can be something as simple as a 15 minute per day activity that is a step toward the goal. Maybe it’s turning off the TV or other device, and using the time to read or listen to online training. Blogs, podcasts, webinars and education videos are prolific. Whatever it is you need to learn is out there, so go find it. Along these lines, Jon Acuff posted a killer live video. I’ve shared it everywhere because it was so on point. I’m totally guilty of what Jon talks about, but I felt relieved that I happened to have registered for a webinar that same evening, at the time I normally watch TV. Trust me, I’m not flawless and do have times when I’m a couch potato. But on a daily basis, I look forward to my evening “reward” with my favorite Netflix show, or perhaps the latest episode of a series on cable. I just don’t watch it all day, especially when I’m working on my goals and moving things forward.

It really is all about balance. When you have a dream, a plan, and the commitment to follow through, step by step, every day, life tends to fall into place. In the webinar, I discuss how motion creates momentum. Have you ever noticed that when you start doing something, you miraculously find the energy to do something else? (Try cleaning just ONE shelf in a closet!)

Successful people have the same amount of time and the same amount of opportunity as you do. Yet, there is a much higher failure rate, than that of success. It’s because success comes to those who do what they need to, with no excuses.

Set yourself a goal and get in motion toward the life you’ve always wanted. You deserve it. You were created for so much more.