Stop Making Excuses…it gets old

When we make excuses we make fools of ourselves. An excuse is avoiding ownership, the very core of authentic, successful living. You are 100% in control of you.

Yesterday, I was running 5 minutes late for an appointment. As I raced across town, the temptation was strong to start blaming a myriad of factors as to why I was late. The client’s email that caused me to walk back to my desk and respond to a problem. The traffic lights. All of them were red, of course, because I was in a hurry, and they take so long to change. Why doesn’t the transportation department fix that? That stupid truck that pulled out in front of me, forcing me to slow down and brake. The person I was going to see. Why did they set an appointment during rush hour? I playfully went along that path of thinking, because as some of you know, play that game and ultimately you will blame it on Mom; after all, she brought you into the world. :)The blame game at least kept my attention away from the problem and driving like a responsible driver; and gave me this blog to write.

Bottom line? I allowed myself to get distracted and left 8 minutes later than I should have. That was 100% due to my own actions. Nothing more, nothing less. A simple apology on arrival was all that was required. My apology was graciously accepted, and I didn’t slip into making excuses.

We all make excuses. If you think you don’t, this may be a blind spot for you, so ask someone who knows you well. The saying, “There are always excuses and results. You can’t have both,” is very true. All that counts is that you deliver results.

We are tempted to explain away mistakes or bad behavior, hoping others will see the reason behind our actions. But that is foolish. People will think less of you when you make excuses, than if you own the issue, apologize and move on. If you tend to make the same mistake over and over, it’s time to learn and get better. Jim Rohn said, “Don’t wish the world were better, wish that you were better.” People will tire of the apologies when the behavior has become habitual. They won’t tolerate it.

You can only control yourself, nothing else. Whatever is causing you to make excuses is something that only you can correct.

I would challenge you to examine your life and identify the excuses you are making. Small excuses or apologies for the little stuff. But ongoing excuses that cause you to never really get to results in your life. The excuses are simply escape hatches, helping you justify your inability to commit to what you really want out of life.

My mission is to serve those who truly desire success. That’s my target market. If anybody comes into the ReThink You process and makes excuses for lack of development, I can’t help them. If you are truly committed to your desired goals, then let me help you. Having the tools and how to’s in life will shorten the learning curve and help you get there faster.

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Stop making excuses – take back control and sign up today!