How important are your friends?

When we take life on in a bigger way, our friendship circles expand, too. I was reminded of this recently when I headed out for an early breakfast with a dear friend. We “do life” together and I love spending time with her. I have other friends that meet other needs and feel content with my circle. But what makes for a good friendship?

Just like a dating relationship, friendship takes two. It also takes some other factors that I want to highlight. Bottom line?

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A true friend allows me the freedom to be myself. No agendas, no excuses. When I show my true self, I can allow a freedom to permeate the relationship.

A true friend forgives you, but won’t enable you. S/he won’t let you get away with excuses for bad behavior. They hold you to your own standards in life.

A true friend is trustworthy. You can’t freely share things with each other, if you think they will break confidentiality and pass on gossip about you. You, in turn, know how to shut up about their business.

A true friend is available. Just like a valuable client, my close friends get priority in my life. I enjoy the same of them. If ever you wonder who your true friends are, think about who you would call if you had an emergency in the wee hours of the morning!

A true friend cares about you, no matter what. S/he makes you feel loved, appreciated and valuable.


I am blessed to have several true friends in my life.

Friendships are the warmth and color in our lives. If you feel that you are lacking this, start making an effort to be a true friend to someone who needs it – both your lives will be enriched.