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How important are your friends?

When we take life on in a bigger way, our friendship circles expand, too. I was reminded of this recently when I headed out for an early breakfast with a dear friend. We “do life” together and I love spending time with her. I have other friends that meet other needs and feel content with…

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Why most people suck at relationships…and how to fix it.

Unless you live a solitary life on an island somewhere, you are in relationships in every area of your life. Yet, successful relationships take hard work and so many people are just not prepared to make the effort. Conflict, arguments, gossip, criticism, resentment…the list goes on. These are all the result of bad relationships. It’s…

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Dump your baggage and grow up

Many times people refer to “baggage” that we bring into relationships, the work place, in our own internal dialogue. We all have some level of baggage. In the book, 5 Simple Lessons to be the Boss of You I take you on a journey of baggage disposal. Why is it so hard for us to let…

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