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Why more people fail than succeed

How do you react when you hear of someone’s great success? Jealousy? Frustration? Happy for them? Ready to quit on yourself? I’ve been guilty of all those reactions at various points of my life. Until I learned that: I’ve also recently heard a great reminder that when we see others’ success, it’s the highlight “reel”…

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Sunday Tips #4: The 3 P’s to a fulfilling career

We all have had (or currently have) jobs that can suck the life out of us. If you’re not able to change the circumstances, the ReThink You principle points to the fact that you CAN change your attitude toward the situation.  So today, I wanted to just give you the 3 P’s of making a…

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Why do we work so hard?

Many of us keep working hard and doing whatever it takes, yet we still don’t quite get to where we really want to be. My sister passed on a wonderful “joke” to me a few years ago. More than just a joke, I realized it had incredible truth to it. I’d been going through my…

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