Performance Coaching

Everything you do in life is driven by your thinking. The Performance TQ© system is a patented and unique system of accurately measuring your thinking algorithms in your sub-conscious. The coaching provides customized cognitive behavioral exercises and affirmations to literally “rethink” and re-orient your core responses to life. I have used this technology and system for over twenty years, because IT WORKS!

No matter what type of work you do, your previous training, or even your level of education, understanding what causes you to respond and behave the way you do is so revolutionary, that it literally changes your life! Stop thinking “well, that’s just the way I am.” If you don’t like the outcomes in your life, this powerful coaching can change the input.

In just 4 – 6 weeks you can experience a significant change in your performance – impacting work, career, business and relationships. In the comfort of your own home or office, via phone & online access, just one hour a week. Program length is 4 - 6 weeks on average. 

The easiest and most life transforming experience you could discover. 

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Some stories from people being coached...

Kim was incredibly professional in her approach, knowledgeable about the performance drivers and how they relate to me personally, experienced (and wise!) in both business and people matters, patient when things went awry, and fair/ measured with her perspective.  Most of all, she demonstrated a genuine concern for my professional AND personal development. This last quality is perhaps also the one that ultimately makes Kim most effective as a coach.  A sense of caring and concern is hard to teach – it's either in you or it isn't – and Kim clearly carries both with great integrity and passion. It's so incredibly motivating as a student to be in the presence of a teacher who truly cares and wants to see me succeed. I'm sincerely grateful for the experience of getting to work with Kim.  I am a better person for it!

The day after my first coaching session focused on reducing the self conscious driver, I happened to be riding the train to work.  It was a rainy day, and the train was very crowded.  I had to take the only available seat, which happened to be next to a woman who had spread herself out past her own seat into the neighboring seat.  I had some work to get done that morning, so I sat down and opened up my laptop.  Because the woman next to me was taking up more than just her seat, and I had my laptop on my knees, our elbows kept bumping into each other.  I could feel myself getting tensed up as I thought about how annoyed she must feel that here was this rain soaked stranger making her wet too!  Then I remembered that nobody can "burn my chicken," [a metaphorical story from the program] and as I repeated that to myself, I felt myself calming down.  I focused on my work until we were close to the station where I get off.  At that point, the woman turned to me and asked, "Are you getting off now?"  Again, my immediate reaction was to assume she was annoyed and eager to see me leave.  I remembered, though, that I am supposed to focus on the content of what people say, not their intent.  So I said, in a perfectly neutral tone of voice, "Yes, I'm getting off at this station."  We then proceeded to have the nicest conversation about where we each work, why the train seems more crowded every day, and so on.  None of it would have happened if I'd been focused on some imaginary, negative perception by this perfectly nice person.  So that was my first exercise in turning down the self conscious driver and following the affirmations Kim and I had developed.

I was able to use my new affirmations to reduce stress happened at a weekly group meeting with my boss.  It's a two hour marathon session in which my boss tends to get agitated about one or more issues, and then the rest of the group has to sit through his rants.  I've always found these meetings excruciating.  Most of the time I assume that he's mad at me for some failure that actually has nothing to do with me.  Even when I manage not to do that, I'm overly sensitive to the pain and suffering of my colleagues as they endure these rants.  This past week, I silently chanted "If someone is upset, they own the problem."  This allowed me to rationally dissect the source of my boss' angst, and to think of what might be at the root of his frustration. 

I attended a conference last week and the first evening there was a networking event.  Ordinarily, I avoid those like the plague, but thanks to your coaching I've come to understand that these events are so anxiety inducing because of my self conscious driver.  What I also realized, after we discussed the self defeat driver, is that in addition to worrying what others will think of me, I also worry that they won't find me the least bit interesting or worthy of conversation.  So I recited my affirmations and went to the event.  I had the most amazing two hours - I really worked that room!  I met close to a dozen people, and I learned so much about what they're doing. As you'd advised, I tried to use my high interpersonal driver to engage with people and ask them questions.  That worked like a charm - I talked to people I would never have otherwise had the gumption to approach such as the more "eminent" people who were speakers at the conference.  

More than anything, the ReThink You coaching process made me realize just how much fear is bad management of my mind. Working through the program has helped me 'open up a window and let fresh air in.' I feel like the real me is emerging. I am acting more decisively, without questioning and being hard on myself. My mission is to build both confidence and competence in women, to give them a fighting chance at success in life. This coaching program is the vehicle for them to discover a new-found confidence in themselves. In the past few weeks, while doing the coaching, I had other doors open up and the timing was perfect - I'm thrilled at the impact at this particular time in my life and my business. I feel hope and have a confidence that I've never felt before. Thank you.

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