8 week online program designed to give you a “deeper dive” into creating a results driven life.
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Product Description

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing!

Once you get the “what” from the Webinar, the chances are that you are going to need help.
The Saturday boot camp is an 8 week online course, designed to help you get going and keep going on your newly designed road to success. Kept to smaller group sizes, the Boot Camp allows for interaction, questions, discussion and all the tools to get you to results even faster. Instead of spending an entire weekend away from home, to get the training and inspiration for your life – you can engage online, from home or the office, just one hour every Wednesday evening – and get the same, if not better, impact.

Every week will include specific directions and next steps, applications and tools to keep you on track. Stop trying to figure this out on your own…let me help you!
(Attend the FREE Webinar for a KILLER discount price!)


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