Terms and Conditions

Legal Considerations You Should Read

The philosophy of Kim Levings, dba ReThink You Consulting and its affiliates and employees [“we/our”] is founded on trust. However, in light of the unfortunate reality that not everyone can be trusted, and things sometimes go wrong, please read this document before you engage with the websites:

ReThinkYou.com and/or 5TLeadership.com.

[collectively referred to as “our” and “the” “websites” in this document]

Accessing the websites constitute your agreement with these legal considerations.

  • Age Restrictions

Our websites are safe for all ages and we work hard to avoid any inappropriate content, language and/or images being posted on our sites. Comments and contributions by outside parties are subject to approval, prior to posting. However, in the unlikely event of inappropriate content being spammed into the website, we will do everything to immediately remedy the situation. No purchases may be made by any person under the age of eighteen [18.] If you plan to purchase a product and/or service, you confirm that you are a financially independent adult.

  • Copyright & Intellectual Property

Kim Levings, as the founder and primary author/service provider of ReThink You Consulting, freely shares information on the site in keeping with her mission to empower and equip people to achieve results in their own lives. For that reason, you are welcome to download and save anything made available to you, and even share it with family and friends. However, with that gift comes trust. We trust you not to share the content if you will experience financial gain as a result. All content, unless otherwise specifically indicated, is the intellectual property of Kim Levings and may not be reproduced in any format, beyond limited personal use as stated above, with the exception of short quotes or excerpts for sharing, provided these are accredited correctly. Additional sharing of content may only be with the written permission of Kim Levings.

  • Disclaimers

The information contained in this website is for information purposes and personal development through education only. The information is correct and accurate at the time of posting on our sites. Since information constantly changes, and we do try to keep up to date, we make a promise that it’s always correct, accurate, reliable, suitable or available over the long terms. Reliance on any information on this site is hence entirely at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

In some of our content, we link to other websites as a point of reference. We don’t own, nor do we control those websites in most cases. By including a link, we merely refer to an additional reference, and it doesn’t mean that we automatically endorse, support, or in any way benefit from anything else that may or may not be represented on those websites.

We also make every effort to keep our own websites running well, but we can’t be held responsible, or liable, for one or more of our websites being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control. Stuff happens!

  • Liability Limitation

Our total liability for any and all claims arising from your use of our websites, products and services is limited to $100.

  •  Privacy Policy

When registering for a training event and/or purchasing downloadable products and/or joining a subscriber list, your personal information will be gathered for purchase and/or delivery purposes. We have a double-opt in feature on any subscriber or download request, and we strictly adhere to CAN-SPAM regulations regarding use of your email. In addition, our e-commerce systems are private, secure and are not stored on our local systems. Your information will never be used for any purpose other than that expressly indicated at the time of the initial transaction.

If at any time, you perceive that we have violated this Privacy Policy in ANY way, please contact Kim Levings, the Owner at kim@rethinkyou.com.

Despite every effort at security and using reputable e-commerce engines, however, there is always the risk of a security breach. Please keep your financial information safe and be personally vigilant on your credit card usage. It is impossible for us to accept responsibility or any liability, in this regard, beyond what is outlined in the Liability clause of this agreement.

  • Termination of Site and Site Access

We reserve the right to change the contents of our websites or to discontinue them at any time, as well as the right to deny access to the site to any person whom we have reasonable grounds to believe may be using the site for an unlawful or unauthorized purpose or in a manner that may harm us.

  •  Warranties & Product Refund Policies

By the nature of what we teach and write, and the content of training and coaching modules, it is not possible for us to make any guarantees or offer any warranties as to the success of your use of the content provided. The tools and contents are designed to be used and applied, and are information provided only. However, every person’s situation is entirely different. Despite the universality of our principles, the personal nature and definition of “success” is variable and that prevents us from being able to guarantee results or outcomes.

We do not offer refunds or product guarantees, either, since our products are mostly virtual and once you download them, you own them and can’t really “return” them. We do, however, offer a 24-hour “oops” refund. If you register and pay for a product, provided it has not yet been delivered, we will offer a refund. If the product has already been delivered, a refund is not possible. This 24-hour rule applies mostly to training and coaching services, where you may realize you can’t follow through on the commitment you made. We get it. Life happens.

Any questions about this should be emailed to kim@rethinkyou.com

If you read all of this, you are part of the elite <5% of the population who do! I’m impressed!

 We look forward to helping you get better at life management and/or leadership!