FREE Webinar

In this powerful one-hour session, you will learn what key behaviors set you up to succeed in pursuit of your goals.
Packed with practical input, you will come away with a proven system to use for the rest of your life. Learn how to get, and keep, yourself on track to a goal, a dream, a lifetime purpose.

Invest in yourself for just one hour and start a new plan of action to get results.


New dates coming soon 9am MT
  • A power packed event to give you the steps toward making your dreams a reality, and seeing results in any area of your life.


New dates coming soon 4pm MT
  • A power packed event to give you the steps toward making your dreams a reality, and seeing results in any area of your life.


8 Week Bootcamp

Once you get the “what” from the Webinar, the chances are that you are going to need help.

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing is an 8 week online course designed to help you get going and keep going on one or all areas of your life. Kept to smaller group sizes, the class allows for questions and optional discussion, as well as all the tools to get you to results even faster. Instead of spending an entire weekend away from home, to get the training and inspiration for your life (often costing more than $2,000!) you can engage online, from home or the office, just one hour per week and get the same, if not better, impact.

Every week will include specific directions and next steps, applications and tools to keep you on track.

Stop trying to figure this out on your own…let me help you!


Summer 2016 schedule: Saturday mornings at 10am MT or Wednesday evenings at 5pm MT.

Some of the benefits of the Boot Camp include:

  • Small group size - get the maximum interaction and help from me.
  • Week-to-week format to give you time to apply what you're learning and do life-changing exercises as homework.
  • Constant feedback and accountability.
  • Opportunity for direct input from me on the progress you make.
  • Tools for life! Once you know what I teach, you will always be able to apply it.

Hear more from Kim about the ReThink You Boot Camp.

What people are saying...

One of the best and most practically informative presentations I have ever attended and I have been through lots of them!

The experience and self-awareness captures a true sense of accomplishment and desire to create a better me!

This workshop will help you identify your areas of opportunity and equip you to focus on your strength islands and pull from them...aligning you with your purpose in life.

ReThink You will equip you to understand clearly what your purpose and passion is and equip you to build a new you, where you are driven by love.

Take the challenge of examining your life!!

Definitely worth doing and worth the time to explore.